Camín Astur: In Search of the Perfect Pote 2023

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Sidrería Román, a customer of Camín Astur, crowned as the ‘Best Pote 2023″

On November 27, we celebrated the final of the VI edition of ‘Exploring the Perfect Pote’ at the Colegio Vega de Guceo in Turón.

Sidrería Román in Gijón, a highly valued customer of Camín Astur, took the first place as the ‘Best Asturian Pote of 2023‘ among a wide and competitive range of participants. The jury tasted over 20 plates of delicious Asturian pote from participants in different restaurants in Asturias, selecting Restaurante Picu La Salgar in Llanes as the second-place finalist and Restaurante Casa Nando in Turón Urbíes in third place.

This final took place within the framework of the Gastronomic Days of the Pote del Valle Turón, celebrated once again and declared of Cultural Tourism Interest. Camín Astur sponsored this event in collaboration with the Mieres City Council, the gastronomic events organizing company Gustatio, the Turonesa Society of Festivals, and Embutidos Vallina.

Congratulations to the winners, and all we can say is… Long live the Asturian Pote!





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