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About us


Caminastur” is a brand owned by Codilex Alimentación Tradicional, a production and distribution company specializing in wholesale trade of legumes, rice, seeds, nuts, spices, and other bulk foods located in Gijón, Asturias.

Our guarantee and Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) brands, “La Casa Valías,” “Xuacón,” and “Delena,” represent us.

Thanks to an extensive product catalog and our commitment to reaching every corner, both within and outside of Spain, we can provide personalized products and services to a diverse range of clients in sectors such as distribution, production, HORECA, and grocery stores. Our guiding principle is always to achieve the best quality-price ratio and to be in constant progress and specialization, from product acquisition to packaging.

Our direct contact with farmers and cooperatives enables us to offer optimal quality, always distinct from intensive crops and purely economical varieties.


We focus on providing our customers with the best quality-price ratio in the market, advising them and adapting to their needs while ensuring excellent service.

Those pillars – quality, price, and impeccable service – are our goals on the path to follow. A long-term vision to journey together along a significant path.


  1. Thoroughness: We personally select each batch, getting close to the fields and inspecting firsthand, alongside our trusted farmers, the harvested lots to secure the highest quality.
  2. Cleanliness: We clean and sift the domestic varieties, ensuring they are ready to reach the finest kitchens.
  3. Testing: We test the cooking of each acquired batch to understand its boiling time and the resulting quality.
  4. Autonomy: We package each product according to the reference and format, in bulk sacks or direct-to-consumer formats, paying attention to every detail.
  5. Quality and Environment: Last but not least, traceability is rigorously monitored throughout each of these processes by our Administration and Quality department. This ensures that legality, transparency, and environmental respect shape our roadmap.